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Beautiful Natural Purple Opal Pendant - Mexico in Sterling Silver #1

$45.00 $100.00

BEAUTIFUL Purple Opal Pendant From Mexico

In Sterling Silver

Unusual and Unique

  This Natural Purple Opal Pendant measures 1.87" in length x .94" at its widest point x .59" in width.  (Todd, here as usual).  This pendant is handwrapped and handforged here in our workshop.

 Purple Opal is found in a remote site in Mexico.

 Purple Opal is a stone of tranquility and spiritual connection. It streams a serene energy to the Crown, flowering spiritual awareness and reinforcing the transcendental lesson of immediacy. Violet Flame Opal encourages the breaking away from any self-imposed bonds of past or present lives by strengthening intuition and clairsentience.


All Silver regulates the emotional and intuitive energies and provides one with patience and perseverance in chosen tasks. Silver, when combined with gemstones, has the ability to attract and retain within itself the energies of the gemstones. It draws negative energies from the body while transferring the positive energies of other minerals. It eliminates toxins at the cellular level and cleanses the body via the pores. It is thought to be helpful in the treatment of hepatitis and to increase the assimilation of vitamins A and E.

Pendants/Amulets are used to bring the energies of the minerals to the user.  They are very useful when worn closely to the body, as their energies flow into the aura, thus creating a barrier against negative influences and influencing the positive.


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