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This Potent Actionilite Druid Forest Crystal is approximately 41.6mm in length x 14.4mm in width x 12.8mm in depth!

This is an Actionilite Druid Forest Crystal mined over 50 years ago in Colorado. I found it during one of my recent searches for stones, and was quite fortunate to purchase a few of these as this area has now been covered by a housing development.  I have literally seen it with my eyes because this is an area that I visited at least three to four times a year for many years.  I have the last supply of these Actionilite Druid Forest Crystals.  The mine has disappeared, and it is quite sad. 

This Actionilite Druid Forest Crystal is unique, and is a crystal for action and for force. It is for doing and is a crystal that will not be ignored, as its fortune and gift to you is the knowledge of why you're here, the understanding of what you're supposed to do when you're here, and the momentum and the force to urge you to continue in the effort to do so. It is a crystal that will aid during a time of crisis as its firm resolve can not be ignored. It will not allow itself to be set aside.

 In ancient times, Dru meant an old tree, firm and strong. This describes this crystal well, as it is an old soul full of strength and firmness of resolve. It is a crystal for action.

Since ancient times, Druids have been identified as wizards and soothsayers, and Druid was a title given to learned men and women possessing wisdom. Druids were capable of many magical powers such as divination & prophesy, control of the weather, healing and levitation.

This Actionilite Druid Crystal is for use by one who is consciously wishing to remain on a spiritual path and a spiritual journey.

ccess the Akashic records and also past lives.  They are useful for chakra work and will help to contact those who reside in other dimensions.



This crystal originated in Lemuria, an ancient civilization now beneath the sea. The Lemurians are believed to have foreseen a cataclysmic event, and prepared the Seed Crystals to preserve their knowledge and traditions.  Legends tell us some of the Lemurians have departed the Earth for the stars and others inhabit the deep inner reaches of our planet, perhaps as light beings or spirits. 

The Lemurians are believed to have been a people much more focused on the emotional and spiritual world.  The knowledge they seeded is primarily concerned with spirituality and communication across the light spectrum to beings of higher energy levels.



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I am an Affiliate of The Association of Melody Crystal Healing Instructors, a Reiki Master, and a Graduate Gemologist through the Gemological Institute of America. I also own Psychic Pathways, a trademarked company.

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One must remember that a stone is not just a stone, it is a living thing, and the energy of each stone is very important.

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